With support from SF jeans, it became the first in the city to host visual arts with dance music. Raw photographs contributed by Suniel, Chetan Kumar, Shekar and Kashyap Murali, showing India in the flesh were projected across the hall while Asian underground music was mixed alongside. Tech support was provided by Jacob Cherian.​​​​​​
Kashyap: Man, what if we were to dress Sachin in all white, high waist but short in length trousers, red out-of-place tie, rides an auto-rickshaw and jumps out to tell the autopilot tag line, how funny would that be huh?
Chetan Kumar: I got a good camera, I’ll shoot it.
Jacob Cherian: Will get the rum, don’t you worry boy!
Pritham Kumar: Fine, I’ll give you my dad’s old shades.
Sachin Pillai: Ehh..you want me to ride a rickshaw?

So they stuff themselves in a tiny Maruti 800 and in no time they’re at MG/Brigade Road intersection.
The autopilot journey had just kicked-off.

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