Teaser Films
8 September, 2008
We have been told that this was the rawest and the most exciting section in the entire time span of the project. While Sumitra Sengupta from Mudra communications provided creative direction, Kashyap Murali delivered the pop-up-greeting-card style of animation as Shilo Shiv Suleman drew the charmingly dark illustrations. The illustration of Mr. Day was further developed to be the mascot for the films, while Kashyap lent his ‘voice talent’ for the adverts. Sound and music for the films were produced by drummer/musician; Kishan Balaji.
Launch Films 
20 September, 2008
The first launch film was developed in Bangalore, while the second was animated in Pondicherry by Kashyap Murali. The illustrations were created by Shilo Shiv Suleman and sound was engineered by Kishan Balaji. Mudra Communications’ Sumitra Sengupta wrote the script and brought Spoilt Ideas on board for the project. The two films showed how the game card, which was placed in ‘The Week’ magazine, can be used to help win one of the many prizes as they watched the fact film adverts aired during specific time slots on the news network ‘NDTV’.​​​​​
Fact Films (set of 12)
24 November, 2008
This video is an edited version of the twelve fact-film adverts. The logo bumpers are briefly placed at the end of the entire clip. Sumitra Sengupta from Mudra Communications wrote the script for these films and brought Spoilt Ideas on board for the project. The work was directed and animated by Kashyap Murali while the characterisation and illustrations were hand drawn by Shilo Shiv Suleman. The last few films were illustrated by Harsha CM. Sound and music credit goes to Kishan Balaji with Kashyap chipping in for the voice-overs.

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